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Winchester, MA 01890

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Important Telephone Numbers:

Description Hours of operation Phone Number
Winchester Main Line 781-729-3620
Woburn Branch Line 781-756-3520
Online Banking Support
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Lost or Stolen Debit card
After normal business hours
Telephone Banking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 877-922-2265


Deposit Specialists

Name Title Contact Number
Chris Irving
MLO# 1734812
Vice President - Operations 781-756-3583
Saida Idouahmane
MLO# 725470
Assistant Vice President - Retail 781-756-3535
Michelle Grzela
MLO# 1119568
Assistant Vice President - Retail 781-756-3516
Linda Kelley Assistant Branch Manager 781-756-3539
Jason Erwin
MLO# 1792997
Assistant Branch Manager 781-756-3572
Colleen Henehan Retail Manager 781-756-3536


Mortgage Professionals

Name Title Contact Number

Mark Fisher

MLO# 555720

Executive Vice President - Chief Lending Officer 781-756-3543

Laurie Leahy

MLO# 1532533

Vice President - Commercial Lending 781-756-3589

Coleman Carden

MLO# 583523  

Vice President - Residential Lending 781-756-3545

Joan Morgan        

MLO# 653968 

Assistant Vice President - Lending 781-756-3510


Mortgage Servicing Specialists

Name Title Contact Number
Rocco Cammarata Loan Servicing Officer 781-756-3570

Sharon Borbee

Credit Officer 781-756-3591

Beth Gray     

MLO# 657604         

Loan Processing/Senior Underwriter 781-756-3504

Dora Distefano

MLO# 613041         

Loan Processing/Underwriter 781-756-3590

Lisa Wachendorf

Loan Servicing - Closings 781-756-3502

Susan Murphy  

MLO# 657457    

Loan Servicing - Closings 781-756-3503
Christine Greene Loan Servicing - Post Closing 781-756-3506
Marie Delaney Loan Servicing 781-756-3584
Lee Rose Wachendorf Credit Analyst 781-756-3585
Anita Kumari Loan Servicing 781-756-3509
Brian Wideman Loan Servicing/Escrow Clerk 781-756-3592

Click here for NMLS Registry information on WCB's Mortgage Loan Specialists.

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